Our Story

Who is Call to Action® Clothing?

C2A is a designer clothing brand that is making a difference, by simultaneously supporting women’s bodies and the environment.

Eco-sustainability and positive environmental impact does not have to be at odds with fit, fashion and feeling confident in your clothing.

C2A is making big changes to the way things are done, so we can preserve and protect this beautiful planet and its beautiful people. We strive to discover new ways to be better humans, environmentalists, designers and philanthropists.

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Meet Our Founders

Jill Palese

Having spent a lifetime career as a clothing designer, I have seen first-hand the damage that the clothing industry has created to the planet.

Fiercely committed to the Slow Fashion Movement, I believe in long lasting clothing, produced as gently on the environment as possible. Clothing that is meant to be used often and loved forever.

At this point in time, our planet needs us to do a better job of finding new ways to work within eco-smart parameters. It is the responsibility of every company, entrepreneur, builder, designer must work with best sustainable practice.. . By working together, with one important and common goal, we can make a critical and necessary difference on the planet.

Dan Rakauskas

My approach to life is pretty simple: get a little better every day. I firmly believe we should try to leave this planet a better place than when we entered it. My environmental consciousness began at age 10, when a nearby town drained most of the water from our local reservoir. With work and effort, our community was able to fix our local water problem. I walked away with an important life lesson about not taking natural resources for granted and working hard to protect and preserve them.

My Call to Action is to build a clothing brand that sets an example for others to follow by embracing slow fashion, constantly working to lessen clothing’s impact on our environment and leading the way as a good corporate citizen.