Our Call To Action®

“Covidaze” is a term loosely used at C2A “for being suddenly struck with the reality that Covid-19 is going to change everything”. 

Our Covidaze Story

During the early stages of Covid-19, we put our gorgeous collection on hold.  Instead,  we raised funds and used money earmarked for our own start-up to purchase 17,000+ yards of fabric.  We then sent it to our factory to produce 8,500 woven, non-disposable, re-usuable medical gowns for DONATION.

When you read it all in one sentence, it all sounds easy, but in the beginning of Covid-19, this was exceedingly difficult.

Did this delay the launch?  Yes.   

Are we happy that we answered the call?  Absolutely!

How did C2A put aside our own work to make 8,500 medical gowns for donation before we had a functioning company? 

We asked for help.

Our community pulled together to raise money, donate and to help in every way that they knew how. Together, we were able to raise close to $25,000 to produce PPE for donation. Dan’s brother organized space in the warehouse to receive the shipment; while Tom Findley rescued our container from customs and hand delivered it to us.

Our friends at Reebok and Lacey Bell donated time to help make patterns and prepare for production.

What's Your Call to Action?

Along every step of the way, Jill and Dan asked our community this question:    “What’s YOUR Call to Action?.” The response we got took the form of a visual expression of love and gratitude; of people coming together to support one another. Check it out here.