What's Your C2A? PPE Project

What's My C2A?

"To capture raw, natural and honest images in the most beautiful way possible."

-Joseph Matteo, #Matteophotographs
Matteo was the photographer who kicked off the medical gown project as a donation for the C2A medical gown project.   He has been very generous with his energies during the Covid-19 pandemic.

"To push boundaries of makeup artistry, incorporating fine art fundamentals into my work."

-Yvonne MacInnis, Make Up Artist, #yvonnetheartist

"To create beauty"

-Gulnara Niaz, Set Photographer

Project:  PPE Project #C2Aclothing

Location:  The Arlo Hotel, Soho #Arlohotels

Photographer:  Joseph Matteo #Matteophotographs

Set Photographer:  #GulnaraNiazPhotography

Make Up Artist:  Yvonne McInnis #Yvonnetheartist