What is a Bits Blocker™

The solution for beautiful swim bras, allowing  your own natural curves to shine, and eliminating foam cups from landfills.

Bits Blockers™ are Call to Action’s® green solution for those flippy, floppy, foam bra cups that misbehave.  Our Call to Action®?  To create fun little modesty panels that give you confidence your bits are tucked in and your own curves are the only thing that people see.

The Challenge

Many women feel more confident in their swimwear when their "bits" are private.

Industry Solution

Foam bra cups inserted into little pockets.

It changes your natural shape, creates noticeable bumps and rings over your own curves and becomes environmental waste when removed and disposed.

Our Patent Pending Invention

Bits Blockers™ highlight women’s natural curves, for all shapes and sizes. With Bits Blockers™, YOU BE YOU... minus a few bits. We added a slim modesty panel to the insde of your bra to keep your beautiful bits tucked away, no matter what situatuion pops up.

No bunching, no flipping pads or removable foam cups tossed into a landfill.

Bits Blockers™ patent pending technology is produced at a state-of-the-art facility whose production processes and finished products are certified by Okeo-Tex in accordance with the most demanding international standards. In addition to the state of the art production machinery, our C2A® approved supplier has invested in equipment to extract volatile substances and monitor the absence of pollutants in its products and raw materials.