Why Choose Slow Fashion Over Fast Fashion?

Why Choose Slow Fashion Over Fast Fashion?

We at Call To Action® pride ourselves with our involvement with slow fashion practices. It not only sets us apart, but it shows our commitment to a greener planet.

What is Fast Fashion?

Fast fashion is a business model that has quickly gained attention from companies nationwide due to its low cost to manufacture, and ease of distributing them to retail. It is a model that prioritizes cutting corners and trendy wear, in order to sell more, while disregarding the cost. The cost being the environment, and the people making the clothes.

Why is Fast Fashion bad?

Fast fashion is horrendous for the environment. The production involved takes an incredible amount of resource and energy, making the environmental footprint concerningly big. Fresh water is also at risk of contamination due to toxicity in the cheap materials used. The worst part is, the water contamination and energy/resource requirement are at an alarmingly high number due to the demand for fast fashion made clothing. The harms of fast fashion don’t end there however; workers who are employed at these factories often are victims of labor violations and other forms of abuse due to the factories not being properly regulated or monitored.

What is Slow Fashion?

Slow fashion is sustainable fashion. It is in direct opposition to fast fashion. It is one that advocates for environmental justice, while putting sustainability into action for the products being made. Slow fashion combats over-production and consumption by utilizing green practices. This is shown through materials used, higher quality of clothing, and by promoting conscious consumption.

Why Choose Slow Fashion?

The fashion industry produces a tenth of carbon emissions in the world, and leaves an immense environmental footprint. By promoting slow fashion practices, that large portion of carbon emissions can be reduced, as well as the environmental footprint. By promoting slow fashion practices we can protect our planet’s present, but also its future. That is our call to action. What’s yours?

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