Top 5 Travel Destinations for 2023


There is so much about Greece that makes it worth the visit besides the gorgeous beaches and clear-blue waters that match the white buildings with blue rooftops. Spend some time island hopping through Greece. Each island is known for different experiences and vibes. 

Here are some highlights: 

Santorini: Known for its romantic allure. Head over to Santorini and experience beautiful boat tours, wine tours and great restaurants as you soak in the Santorini sun. 

Mykonos: The hub island for nightlife and clubbing. Mykonos has beautiful beaches but 

definitely is louder in comparison to other Greek islands. 

Crete: A larger Greek island filled with beautiful hikes, small cities & villages, and historical sites. With so much to do on the island, visitors should definitely spend more than a couple days exploring Crete. 

Naxos: If you are traveling to Greece with some kids, head over to Naxos. 

Paros: A mix between Santorina & Mykonos. Experience the Greek island nightlife while still staying on a quieter and less busy island. 

Let’s not forget that the Greek economy is almost fully based upon tourism and they were hit hard during the pandemic. Why don’t you head on a flight to Greece and make your way to the island that suits you best and help out the beautiful Greek gods and goddesses living on the islands of Greece. 


A country with over 2,500 hours of sun per a year can convince you to visit Croatia on its own. Croatia holds breathtaking views, beautiful hikes, hundreds of islands, and for those interested in history and culture, Croatia has many places to see and experience. In addition, Croatia is a more affordable country with plenty of things to do during your stay. Just an FYI - if nude beaches aren’t your thing, make sure you do some research before setting your towel down, there are plenty of nude beaches along the coast and islands of Croatia. 

Costa Rica 

Besides being the happiest Latin America Country, Costa Rica has lots of beautiful sites to see including national parks, volcanoes, a diverse wildlife, lots of hummingbirds, tons of outdoor adventure activities, gorgeous beaches, world-class resorts, and not to mention restaurants fit for any foodie. 


London has numerous famous sights to see such as the Big Ben, the Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, the London Eye, etc. Whether you are on team Kate or Meagan, you’ll find yourself surrounded by the history of the royals, double-decker buses, and the infamous red phone booths. London is filled with a vast culinary scene and if you’re a carnivore make sure you stay in London through Sunday for the pubs that serve a delicious Sunday Roast. If you aren’t a carnivore, don’t worry, veganism is practically mainstream and it is quite easy to find delicious vegetarian or vegan meals throughout the city. 


If you love beer, outdoor activities, cities, country-sides, and beer gardens head over to Germany. Along with rich cultural experiences, Germany has plenty of historical attractions. Head for a hike in the black forest, and grab a warm pretzel with a slab of butter as your reward.

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