Overpacking is Overrated

Overpacking is Overrated

If you're like us, hearing “vacation” is synonymous with overpacking. However, to pack for any vacation, there are truly only a few things you need to have for the best time, wherever your destination may be. Here is your ultimate guide to packing less without the stress!


This is the perfect way to avoid having to dig to the bottom of your suitcase, trying everything on, and still not knowing what to wear! Any one of Call to Action’s tops is perfect for mixing and matching, dressing up or down, showing off your style expertise, and highlighting those beautiful curves. Whether you are dressing for the airport, lounging by the pool, hiking up a mountain, or going out on the town, having one top that will have you looking stylish through it all is essential!


One of the worst fashion crimes out there is that there are no pockets in our pants. It leaves our phones, keys, and wallets left to the wild. Well, not to fear, this is TOTE-ally the best solution. A fashionable tote to carry the daily essentials is second to none! Sticking to neutral colors for the base of the bag with varying color accents ensure that the tote will work as a staple with nearly every outfit. Matching your tote with your fashion style is key to highlighting your unique design sense while showing off your natural confidence and beauty.


Packing a clip will save you in those moments when you just need your hair out of your face and off your mind. While solving that problem, hair clips can also add so much to an outfit and to an entire look based on the type of clip and how it’s styled. Get your hair up and your style on!

There is just so much you can do with a tapestry! It is perfect to be used as a blanket, a comfy spot to lay under the stars, a photo backdrop, a fashionable cover-up, and so much more. Creativity is sexy and fun, so don’t hold back!

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