5 Ways to Shop Sustainably

  • Thrift it up 
    • This tip is an obvious one. Thrifting has always been a sustainable practice that has had an upturn in recent years. Not only is it an exciting way to spruce up your wardrobe because the items in these stores are random, but it is usually affordable as well. There are tons of different thrift stores that will suit different niches too, so it's best to do some research before heading out to the store in person. One last tip before you get out there is to shop off-season. There will be less competition meaning you will be able to get better deals. 
  • Get rid of that single-use plastics  
    • A lot of sustainability comes down to changing the way you think about your shopping. As a consumer focusing on not buying single-use plates, cups, straws, or bags. Choosing to make the investment of a reusable shopping bag or buying reusable bamboo straws. This is a shift in mindset more than anything and it focuses on how to reduce the everyday waste that we produce. 
  • UpCycle your clothes 
    • Upcycling your clothes is an easy way to stay sustainable while staying fashionable. Instead of throwing out that old set of hats, why not try and reuse them and create something all new? Upcycling is the process of taking something that would be thrown away or discarded and using it to create all new items. In this case, you could make new accessories or pieces from older materials like hats or hoodies. If you are looking for some inspiration Nicole McLaughlin is one of our go-to creators in terms of creating all new fits from upcycled material. 
  • Create a Minimalist Wardrobe 
    • For this tip, it is really easy to cut out and declutter the items you don’t need. Think about what you wear on a day-to-day basis and donate away what you don’t use. A good rule of thumb is if you haven't worn something in over a year, you should let it go. A minimalist wardrobe goes a long way because there isn’t a need to have a lot of items. Have just a few items that you can mix and match together to create an infinite number of combinations. 
  • Shop Call to Action  
    • Or shop anywhere that has a focus and commitment to slow fashion. Personally, we are big fans of ourselves because there are more than 20 pairs of hands that touch a single piece of our clothes that are sustainably sourced from high-quality factories. Not only do we have eco-friendly clothes but we also use ocean-safe ink, upcycled bags, long-lasting material for our clothes, and more.
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