5 Reasons to Ditch Flimsy Foam Cups

5 Reasons to Ditch Flimsy Foam Cups

Every girl has wondered at least a million times why those annoying foam cups in bras and bathing suits even exist! We want our bits covered, but does it really have to be that frustrating and noticeable?! The answer is NO, absolutely not because not only are those foam cups taking too much from you, but they’re taking too much of a toll on the planet. Here’s why foam cups gotta go!

  • There’s a sustainable and fashionable alternative 

Wait no longer, the solution we have all been waiting for is here and they’re called Bits Blockers. Call to Action ® Clothing has got you covered with this patent-pending technology that not only highlights your natural curves while keeping your bits in but is also THE green solution; C2A ® clothing is produced at a state-of-the-art facility with machines that extract volatile substances and monitor the absence of pollutants in its products and raw materials. Bits Blockers ® are built into all C2A tops and make sure that you can go out while your bits stay in!

  • They hurt our beautiful planet

Just take a second and think about all those tops you’ve gotten that you just don’t wear and you’ve thrown out; maybe it’s because they don’t fit, or because you lost the flimsy insert. All of that discarded clothing adds to the 92 million tons of textile waste produced each year. It’s time to fight against environmental waste and for the planet by joining the slow fashion movement. Get clothes that are made sustainably and to be eternally loved! 

  • They hide your natural curves 

It’s so frustrating to find a new cute swim top that shows off those bulging foam cups more than your real shape. Foam pads are supposed to help cover up your bits, but why do they also have to completely change your natural curves? Swim tops should have you feeling confident in your body and shouldn’t be taking away from your beauty, so don’t settle for foam.

  • They create lumps and bumps where they never should be 

Ladies. Swim tops are for our two beautiful bumps and no more than that! We shouldn’t have to think about anything other than how good we look when we’re wearing swimsuits. Those extra lumps and bumps are unwanted and unnecessary, so let’s nip it in the bud and redefine fashion together!

  • They’re always falling out…like always!

Don’t even get us started on how difficult this makes laundry day. We are done trying to find the right cup for the right top and folding it at least 10 times to squeeze it into its little pocket. Ditch the cups and spend that time on something way more important - YOU!

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