10 Ways to Style a Bikini

10 Ways to Style a Bikini

Ladies, it’s time to break the fashion status quo and get creative with those bikinis! Reach for that blouse you haven’t worn in months or that pair of shoes and let’s get to styling those bikinis. Here are 10 ways to wear C2A® bikinis in unique and fashionable ways.

  • Going to the beach

Simple and sexy, bikinis at the beach are a great way to show off that hot bod while soaking in the sun. Add a pair of trendy sunglasses or toss on a cute sarong, but remember to let the bikini shine with you as the star of the show!

  • Add a blazer

If you love blazers as much as we do then you’re going to love this hack! A bikini can be dressed up with a stylish blazer and the suit look can be dressed down with the perfect bikini underneath. Match colors, choose a vibrant bikini and a relaxed blazer, or go for a neutral bikini with a patterned blazer - any way you want to wear the two, it always looks fabulous! This combo never goes out of style and it always has people noticing your fierce fashion sense.

  • Out to yoga

The perfect bikini accentuates your natural beauty so why take it off for some exercise, meditation, or relaxation? Toss on some leggings or shorts and you’re ready to go in a matter of minutes. Yoga strengthens your mind, body, and soul, so don’t let your clothes stop you. Hot girl summer here we come - with our bikinis!

  • Casual fun at the bars

The perfect way to look stylish and casual when you’re out with friends is to wear a cute little top under a jacket or all by itself! In a bikini top, you won’t have to worry about anything other than dancing to your jam because you’ll be comfortable and look cute! 

  • Dress it up for dinner out

We know that a bikini probably isn’t your go-to for a fancy dinner out, but we’re here to encourage you to push your fashion limits. Don’t fear C2A® is here! A nice blouse is elegant and stylish along with some heels and eye-catching jewelry. Accessories are your friend so don’t be afraid to let them take your fashion to another level.

  • A stay-at-home kind of day

We all have those days when we want to enjoy the comfort of our homes. Putting on a comfy and cute outfit can help you feel happy and healthy when you just want to enjoy your own company. Whatever activity you choose, whether it’s puzzling, crafting, reading, or catching up on a new show, an oversized sweater or some sweatpants paired with your comfy bikini top is the way to go.

  • Feeling sporty

When playing sports you always win by choosing to wear a bikini top! Go play that pickleball game this weekend with your friends. Go take that tennis lesson you’ve been wanting to take. Keep your head in the game and don’t worry about anything else because you know your bikini has you covered while you’re getting the job done!

  • Brunch date

Did someone say bottomless mimosas?! Look cute and feel comfy while out having fun with the ladies in your bikini. Try pairing it with a light sweater, a maxi skirt, your favorite necklace, some sandals, or whichever new and bold lipstick you have been wanting to try out. Brunch outfits can be fun and easy to put together when you already know the best top to show off - your bikini!

  • Going clubbing with friends

Spice up your bikini top with those sparkly heels you’ve been wanting to wear and that glamorous new makeup look you have been waiting to try! Don’t waste your time going through all your outfits to decide what to wear. Choose a bikini top and know that with that kind of support, you’re ready for wherever the night takes you

  • Photoshoot time

Looking to snap some cute new shots? Grab your bikini that accentuates and shows off those gorgeous curves and get to posing! All your photos will be Insta worthy with your stylish look and pictures that show off you having fun rocking that bikini. You plus your bikini, are an absolute dynamic duo!

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